Acupuncture in fertility and IVF

How can we help with your fertility?

At Qi Medicine, our goal is to help couples through the process of conception by taking a holistic approach. There are many known factors that can affect a couple’s ability to start a family, including stress, diet and environmental toxins. There is also what is known as ‘unexplained’ infertility, which can be quite distressing to couples who are ready to start a family. If you are looking for acupuncture for fertility, or just to help de-stress through the conception process, then we think we can help you.


acupuncture for fertilityWhen you meet with one of our practitioners, we assess your fertility from all angles, looking at both male and female reproductive health, diet, lifestyle, emotional and environmental factors. Like any form of fertility treatment, we never guarantee or make promises as to your outcomes, instead, we simply strive to help you achieve the highest level of wellness possible, with the intention that may assist with natural conception, or keep you balanced through IVF treatments.


The journey to wellness is never straightforward and can take time, but our compassionate registered Chinese medicine doctors aim to support your physical and emotional health each step of the way. We will often prescribe you acupuncture 1-2 times weekly for several weeks, along with herbal medicine and supplements in addition to treatment. We feel this focused approach can produce the best outcomes for many couples.


Why would you use acupuncture and Chinese medicine as an adjunct therapy to fertility treatment and IVF?


There has been good quality research to suggest that the health of mums and dads during the conception period has a large role to play in the health of the conceived child. Maternal and paternal health before and during pregnancy may affect the risk factors for obesity, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even the mental health of a child.


fertility acupunctureIt is also well understood that the health of mum’s and dad’s can affect their ability to conceive, with factors such as smoking, diet, stress levels, alcohol, and nutrient intake all affecting your chances. Making positive habit changes and reducing stress isn’t always easy to do on your own, and sometimes you need extra help to regulate your period or deal with other gynecological issues before thinking about having children.


This is where we feel that our approach to fertility really shines. We help address gynecological issues, nutrient issues, lifestyle and habit issues, help you reduce stress and find greater balance in your life. Think of us as the team in your corner, helping you get some perspective and guide you through the process.


A dad’s role in fertility

acupuncture for male fertilityCurrently, there is a laser focus on women and female health when it comes to issues with fertility. And even though this is important, the father’s health, which is also equally important tends to be ignored. One good example of a man’s health affecting conception is in research showing us that male smokers have a lower sperm count and have shown sperm abnormalities, that could potentially prevent conception.[1] Partners of male smokers are also likely to have more difficulties before they can get pregnant and they tend to suffer more miscarriages.[2]


Looking at sperm motility and morphology, plus assisting men with diet, nutrition, lifestyle and stress factors is among the many ways we strive to support men’s health for healthy sperm and a healthy papa!


Our acupuncture for fertility approach 

The Chinese medicine approach to fertility is to spend the first six months addressing issues that may be impacting your fertility levels. Did you know that it takes around four months for a sperm to reach maturation? And although women ovulate monthly, chronic hormonal imbalances such as high-stress levels and adrenal burn out can take months to turn around. 6 months of pre-care will address the quality of the man’s sperm and the woman’s egg during the generation and maturation periods and ensure that you approach conceiving with a full arsenal of health and vitality.


IVF acupunctureOur experienced Chinese medical practitioners that will help you understand your cycle and the process of conception. There is a delicate interplay of hormones that is good to get your head around, so you can be better prepared for fluctuations. We work with you to determine the best time of your cycle to conceive naturally, what dietary supplements, relaxation methods, exercise, and nutrition could be of benefit. From this, you will often be prescribed Chinese herbal medicine and nutritional supplements, alongside regular acupuncture sessions to support this process.


We’ve worked with many couples looking to prepare themselves for pregnancy and have worked with women who have been diagnosed with endometriosis or PCOS. We also see women that do not ovulate (anovulation) and women that have irregular periods (oligomenorrhea), or even no period (amenorrhea). If you are having issues conceiving, it is always recommended you undergo the standard medical testing to see if there may be an underlying issue. For women, this may be a test for blocked fallopian tubes, for men this may be a sperm test.


We do not follow a one size fits all approach. We understand that needs and medical conditions are different, so we do all we can to find the best treatment method for every couple. Our preconception care may include the following:


  • Working with your GP for a health screen to check for infections, blockages, and hormonal health
  • Detoxification, diet, and nutrition
  • Management of stress and exercise
  • Education on the conception process
  • Environmental and lifestyle changes
  • Chinese herbal medicine and nutritional medicine


Acupuncture and IVF

Acupuncture in IVFWe understand how worrying and tedious the IVF process can be. We know how difficult it is to keep numerous several appointments, scans, plus the financial burden and the emotional strain this can place on you and your partner.


IVF is a very different process from natural conception. There is a regime of special drugs to assist in the maturation of the follicle to create a viable egg (blastocyst), over an above what your body would produce naturally. In addition, you may undergo ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) to help the sperm fertilise the egg. The state of health of both you and your partner during this process could impact the overall success rate of IVF.


We support couples undergoing IVF by helping them understand how Chinese medicine can support the IVF procedure, plus letting them know what steps they can take to make the process easier. Our practitioners aim to educate and empower, whilst supporting your health as much as possible with natural medicine.


We will look at your fertility diagnosis, consider your current state of health, and work to rebalance your system from a Chinese medicine perspective. This gentle approach is a great adjunct therapy to IVF, and a great stress-buster when things get a little overwhelming. We want you to have a little bundle of joy as much as you do and will do whatever we can to help you through the IVF process.



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