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Our practitioners have a keen interest in helping women through a range of issues, from IVF and pregnancy to menopause and skin conditions.

When it comes to women’s health, acupuncture and Chinese medicine may be considered to be amongst the most gentle treatment options available. More and more women are looking for natural options to help them regulate cycles, hormones, skin, and reduce stress. Women and couples are also looking for more ancillary support when going through IVF and pregnancy, without the excessive use of synthetic hormones and drugs. 


The registered Chinese medicine practitioners at Qi Medicine have extensive experience in working with a range of women’s health issues, from cycle regulation, endometriosis, hormonal imbalances, acupuncture for pregnancy symptoms such as muscle pain and nausea, plus preparation for labor induction, menopausal changes, and skin issues. Typically, our therapists will usually recommend to you take a course of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, which can involve diet, lifestyle, and stress management advice. Our treatment approach is a little more involved than just popping a pill, but a holistic approach may help provide you with the long-term support you are looking for.


We can work with your GP or other health care provider to help ensure a safe, smooth treatment. Our doctors also enjoy working with women with chronic conditions such as endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, and chronic acne.


Research suggests that acupuncture and Chinese medicine may be beneficial for:

  • Symptoms of irregular or painful cycles (dysmenorrhea) 2 
  • Pain associated with endometriosis 16
  • The symptoms associated with PMS 4
  • Mood changes during the menstrual cycle 1
  • Stress and sleeping difficulties 5
  • Symptomatic relief of anxiety and depression 6
  • The symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome 12 and constipation 13
  • Addressing the symptoms of thyroid imbalances such as anxiety 
  • The symptoms associated with menopausal changes such as hot flash frequency and severity 8
  • Pregnancy acupuncture for back pain, muscle pain, and other pregnancy symptoms 9
  • Pre-labour induction preparation and relaxation
  • Addressing acne 10,  chloasma, dermatitis, facial elasticity and other skin complaints 11

There is also a potential for Chinese medicine and acupuncture to be beneficial for the folwing conditions, with more investigative research needed:

  • Symptomatic relief of fibroids3
  • Symptomatic relief of polycystic ovaries (PCOS) 7


Acupuncture and fertility, IVF and pregnancy

Many healthcare professionals recommend the use of acupuncture as an adjunct therapy to fertility treatments such as IVF. There is ongoing research exploring how it can be of use as a supporting therapy, and you should discuss the use of acupuncture with your current health-care professional.

A recent systematic review of thirty acupuncture trials with 6344 participants, reported overall an improvement in clinical pregnancy rates among women undergoing IVF 14 . It is important to understand that no one fertility treatment can guarantee you a healthy pregnancy. Here at Qi Medicine, we are always realistic about outcomes for you and your family, however, we provide as much support and care to you as possible through these processes. 

Another recent comparative review of acupuncture research has shown a number of findings support the use of acupuncture for some pregnancy conditions. There was moderate evidence supporting the effectiveness of acupuncture in back or pelvic pain during pregnancy 9, plus a weak positive/ unclear evidence supporting the effectiveness of acupuncture for induction of labour15.


Our practitioners are always available for a chat if you are not sure your condition can be treated, or if you have any concerns or questions. Feel free to contact the clinic anytime for a private phone consultation. 


Menopause acupuncture Menopausal transitions

Menopause is a unique transition time for women. In Chinese medicine, it is seen as a transformation of your energy from growing and nurturing a family, to finding your creative spirit and ultimate freedom in life. Unfortunately, we live in a society that champions youth and beauty over wisdom and freedom, so many women are often left feeling unfulfilled at this time in their lives. 


Qi Medicine believes in supporting a woman not only physically (addressing hot flushes and insomnia), but also emotionally, working to help you find peace and fulfillment at this time. It can be a challenging time for many, so it is important to have as much support as possible.


Chinese medicine and acupuncture are unique in that they can support your emotional wellbeing, whilst assisting to overcome physical challenges. Because we work only with your body’s own natural rhythm and hormonal fluctuations, treatment may even help you avoid long-term hormone replacement therapy. Research also supports this, with a recent meta-analysis of 12 trials finding that acupuncture significantly reduces the frequency and severity of hot flashes 8. Recent research also suggests acupuncture may have an effect o the peri-menopausal and post-menopausal insomnia experienced by some women. 17


The common approach taken with Qi Medicine includes herbs and acupuncture, along with diet and lifestyle advice. A course of treatment may help you feel like yourself again through menopause, and really unlock the fun and fulfilment waiting for you! 



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The clinic is located in The Body and Brain Center, 356-362 Ascot Vale Rd, Moonee Ponds, in the North Western suburbs of Melbourne and close to Highpoint. Qi Medicine is minutes away from Ascot Vale, Avondale Heights, Maribyrnong, Brunswick West, Travancore, Flemington, Aberfeldie, Maidstone and Essendon, and just 10 km from Melbourne CBD. 


By Sheena Vaughan. Follow Sheena on Google Plus and Facebook and stay up-to-date with all the latest news and deals with Qi Medicine.  


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